Vote for Charlie Schaupp for Congress

Charlie Schaupp for Congress

As a retired United States Marine Corps Officer.  Charlie has the experience, leadership and courage to say “Enough is Enough” to the professional politicians. Charlie is our the best choice to replace John Garamendi!

As your new congressman I pledge to:

  • Reinstate confidence and accountability in Washington.
      Let’s ‘Restore Congress’ Restore ethics, pride, leadership, fiscal responsibility, and work to get both Democrats and Republicans to stop the infighting and get things done!
  • Provide fair honest leadership.
      I will not promise you a new deal, a better deal, or a deal of any kind. Rather, I will work tirelessly to clean up our government’s fiscal mess.
  • Provide proper care of our forests, open areas, dams and flood control.
      We need action in Congress, not words. The recent fires and lack of care of our forests and open areas have destroyed so many homes, lives, and communities. For decades our government has stifled proper care of these areas. Now we see the result-mass devastation and loss of life! It’s the same with water and flood control. Our dams are failing but billions of dollars will be spent for unneeded Delta tunnels. We need to change this and we need to do it immediately!

It’s time for new leadership in Congress!

“We can change the direction in Washington and  Restore Ethics, Leadership, Fiscal Responsibility,  Accountability and Honesty in our government.
But in order to do that I need your help”….Charlie Schaupp