Charlie Schaupp for Vice Chair-New Leadership for the CRP

As a former United States Marine Corps Officer, farmer, and County GOP Chair, Charlie has the experience and leadership skills to return our Party back to its roots and get Republicans winning again in California.

  • Charlie Schaupp, CRP Experience
  • 14+ years as a CRP Delegate and Associate
  • Former Chairman Yolo County Republican Party
  • Former member, CRP Platform Committee
  • Former member, CRP Agriculture Committee


As your new CRP Vice I pledge to:

  • Reinstate confidence and accountability within the CRP by listening to our County Chairmen/women and ensure the CRP works as one team.

  • Provide fair honest leadership on all CRP issues and seek out, train, and prepare new Republican candidates to run for office at all levels of government in California.

  • Bring expertise and experience to the planning process so that we can immediately start winning again and formulate 5 and 10 year plans to guide the CRP into the future.

  • Aid the new chairman in running all aspects of staff operations and ensure the Chair’s guidance is understood and accomplished by both the Executive Board and our County Committees.

  • To work with both the CRP Chair, CRP Executive Board, all our County Committees to raise funds and ensure that the building blocks of the CRP, our County Committees, are funded, trained and ready to win political battles.

  • To seek out the Chair’s guidance and accomplish all directed and implied tasks assigned to the Vice Chair.

  • To be ready to step up and lead the Party in the absence of the chair.